Provide the best health care available
Help you achieve your greatest potential.
Use all methods available - Modern Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs, Education.

As your partner, we will offer integrated care - drawing on modern medicine and western technologies, combined with oriental medicine, acupuncture and complementary treatments.

You will be an active participant in your individual care plan, helping to guide and shape goals and outcomes.

We seek patients like you who desire to limit prescription medications to the essentials and are dedicated and motivated to healing rather than only symptom relief.

Serious or threatening conditions may require medications to protect you while healing begins. We will continuously monitor your condition and work to safely wean medications. Acupuncture can help prevent and enhance healing of many chronic and acute conditions, including diabetes and cancers.

Full service Medical / Osteopathic / Acupuncture
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) / Herbal
Treating Injury from Auto Accidents, Illness, Chronic Conditions
Physical Exams for Work (including DOT), School, Sports

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Holistic Practitioners